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  1. hace 9 horas

    thanks for the mention hope you guys had a great time! x

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    8 sept.

    Tipis4hire | Giant Wedding Tipis | Tipi Hire for Weddings Hertfordshire UK | GREE...

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    21 sept.
  4. 14 ago.

    One of our amazing weddings from this weekend, the weather was perfect

  5. 11 ago.

    The blue skies are finally here! We hope they stay for the busy weekend ahead.......

  6. 15 jul.

    A gorgeous set up for a 21st birthday party. Tipis aren't just for weddings........

  7. 28 jun.

    Our tipis aren't just for summer, they are just a beautiful in the winter

  8. 15 jun.
  9. 15 jun.

    We love this epic wedding featured on . Our tipis helped to create and amazing…

  10. 12 jun.

    Happy Monday gorgeous people! Dance like no one is watching

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    13 abr.

    Our blog Every Cloud Creates now features a piece on my wedding .

  12. 15 may.
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    15 may.

    wow love these!! please can we have some to use on our website xx

  14. 10 may.

    Our kungsornens are a great addition to any event. If you cant fit a giant tipi in the garden they are definitely the next best thing

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    20 abr.

    This Sunday at the park - an amazing opportunity to meet some of the best quality suppliers in the wedding industry

  16. 21 abr.

    Don't forget to come and see us on Sunday, our beautiful tipis in a stunning location x

  17. 18 abr.

    We are back in the office responding to all of your emails after our lovely Easter break. Please get in touch if you would like a quote x

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    10 abr.

    New Boho Blog: Adele & Philip’s Seret Garden Festival Tipi Wedding in Northamptonshire by Aaron Collett Photography

  19. 10 abr.
  20. retwitteó
    10 abr.

    Beautiful outdoor ceremony with in the background, photo by @…

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