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Performance 1st is a provider of training and development programs for people in performance related roles.

United Kingdom
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  1. 31 may. 2016

    We help companies optimise to drive specific, predictable revenue and goals.

  2. 28 may. 2016

    We deliver programmes that produce real behaviour change and improve sales .

  3. 28 may. 2016

    A common problem with many initiatives is that they are “event based” with no post-training .

  4. 27 may. 2016

    are constantly changing, whether they initiate it or their market and it.

  5. 25 may. 2016

    Our courses are constantly updated, honed and refined to bring you the most effective learning available.

  6. 24 may. 2016
    En respuesta a

    P1 can help you to optimise your management and marketing approach to produce lasting improvements.

  7. 22 may. 2016

    Today’s best functions have equipped people with the requisite skills & freed them from time-consuming admin.

  8. 20 may. 2016

    Our customer-focused methods will help you to improve sales .

  9. 19 may. 2016

    Our add a new dimension to , making it stick and delivering dramatic and sustained improvements in .

  10. 17 may. 2016

    ROI in quadruples from 22% to 88% when reinforced by in-field and reinforcement.

  11. 16 may. 2016

    Failing to connect your to the customer’s is probably the number 1 credibility killer.

  12. 14 may. 2016

    Today's is about being in business with the customer not doing with them.#

  13. 14 may. 2016

    We are dedicated to helping sales leaders think and act differently to achieve outstanding sales performance.

  14. 14 may. 2016

    We help companies optimise to drive specific, predictable revenue and goals.

  15. 11 may. 2016

    Building a healthy pipeline needs resources, experience and the discipline to make calls, track progress and ensure leads are nurtured.

  16. 11 may. 2016

    Too many sales teams are over managed and under led, relying too much on metrics and deadlines to drive performance.

  17. 11 may. 2016

    Many field people spend too much time on customers that have limited sales potential.

  18. 11 may. 2016

    Can you evolve to a high performing organisation that attracts , while keeping customers first?

  19. 11 may. 2016

    Our bespoke are designed and aligned with your specific demands.

  20. 9 may. 2016

    There is no excuse for a person to know more about the latest sales enablement tool than their sales manager

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