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  1. hace 4 horas

    Want a blog that talks your clients’ language? I can express your passion for your business in simple terms

  2. hace 7 horas

    Still time to book for Potters Bar 4Networking tomorrow, whether or not you’re a member

  3. hace 22 horas

    It's way past 9 already. Goodnight thanks for the chat, RTs, likes & follows. Have a great week & see you next Monday

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  5. hace 22 horas

    I definitely recommend the tea & cake, & especially the art

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  7. hace 22 horas
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    En respuesta a y a

    There's still time. We're having another session this Saturday #

  10. hace 23 horas

    How valuable is written content that’ll make your target customers want to look at you?

  11. hace 23 horas
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    hace 23 horas

    Distance reiki, supporting and healing. I am offering free sessions this week. Message me for more info.

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    hace 23 horas

    New blog out today: How To Use Twitter For Extra Off And Online Publicity

  14. hace 23 horas

    Reasons SMEs should avoid blunt-force marketing in favour of the surgical strike

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    hace 23 horas

    I'm returning to Kenya in 2018 & looking for donations & sponsorship. My page is

  16. hace 23 horas

    Why not join us in Potters Bar for a great 4Networking breakfast on Wednesday & advice on holidays?

  17. hace 23 horas

    Happy birthday. Is it your birthday or your business's?

  18. hace 23 horas

    Good evening I hope everyone's had a great week & is raring to go.

  19. 25 sept.

    Join us on Wednesday at Potters Bar for lively networking & a fascinating 4Sight on the perfect holiday

  20. 22 sept.

    Blunt Force Marketing - why it's annoying when large companies use it and disastrous when SMEs try.

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