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    6 ene. 2016
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    Reading an email out loud before sending it ensures you have the message & tone right avoiding potential confusion.

  3. 25 sept.

    See what telemarketing expert Bill Williams thinks about KulaHub.

  4. 21 sept.

    Updating data is a great way to keep in contact with customers. helps with regular customer contact and data collection.

  5. 20 sept.

    Use to build & bespoke your customer contact information, allowing you to send targeted .

  6. 15 sept.

    The system has been organically developed over time as a direct result of Customer feedback.

  7. 14 sept.

    is an easy to use system that empowers businesses to unlock the potential of their data.

  8. 13 sept.

    Did you know offer a 20% commission on referrals passed?

  9. 12 sept.

    Data is a businesses most precious asset, empowers businesses to unlock the potential of data in a simple system.

  10. 8 sept.

    Does your desk have a mountain of ? Is your "to do" list endless? Increase effectiveness with

  11. 7 sept.

    Make a plan before starting on your , include key purpose, target audience, objectives and timeframe.

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    6 sept.
  13. 6 sept.

    A system is shareable so everyone in the business knows exactly where a prospect is in the sales cycle.

  14. 1 sept.

    A great system is only as great as the team behind it!

  15. 31 ago.

    Do you follow up your ? allows you to target responders and non-responders separately.

  16. 24 ago.

    Post it notes covering your monitor? Speak to

  17. 22 ago.

    See what global event expert, Mike Lancaster thinks about KulaHub! -

  18. 16 ago.

    Uploading contacts is easy with . They can be bulk imported or inputted manually then be accessed by multiple users.

  19. 15 ago.

    Ensure the subject line grabs the recipient's attention, making sure you give a great reason to open the E-mail!

  20. 14 ago.

    Keeping track of prospects, existing clients and staff can often feel like a full time job. KulaHub makes it easy!

  21. 11 jul.

    See what the wonderful Sally Roberts thinks about KulaHub!

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