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    2 oct.

    We have drawn for the Sweepstake! Watch our live draw over on Facebook - Who did you get?

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    Want to connect with businesses & services across ? Then tune in between 8 & 9pm every Monday by using the hashtag

  3. 20 oct.

    Follow to help your business gain clarity with their strategy

  4. 20 oct.

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  7. 20 oct.

    Biz Directory from WPA Specialist private health insurance

  8. 20 oct.

    Looking for a fun Friday activity? Contact Biz and book a private wine tasting experience

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  10. 20 oct.

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  11. 20 oct.

    Too busy for bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, accounts? Contact City Solution Biz Directory

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  13. 20 oct.

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  15. 20 oct.

    Biz Directory Listing Supporting SMEs with employment issues, low cost to sign up, 1hr Review

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  20. 20 oct.

    Overloaded with HR admin/duties? Get in touch with Biz Directory for support.

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